The Hamilton County Historical Commission works under the authority of the Texas Historical Commission and the County Commissioners’ Court.  Hamilton County is blessed with a vibrant history.  It lives in our memories and stories, our architecture and culture.  Our history is essential to our identity as a community, and shapes our future decisions.  The mission of the Commission is to preserve our shared heritage, to engage and educate the broader public, and to promote and celebrate our history.

History is sometimes a collection of the best stories we have to tell.  These stories are often held in the minds of our relatives, and, without record, as they pass, so passes our history.  These stories explain how towns and buildings came to be and how they were used.  They help us to imagine the lives of our forebears and founders.  Sometimes they are just such good stories.

If you have stories including: Photos, text, old newspaper articles, etc.  Please share them.  You can email us at hamco@historicalcommission.org.

Hamilton County Historical Commissioners:

  • Jim Eidson Chair
  • Linda Catoe
  • Randy Mills
  • Sharon Mills
  • Frances Ramsey
  • Ray Ramsey
  • Anita Russelmann
  • Nancy Yates